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How much will my bathroom cost?

Every project, design and install differs. We always sit with the customer once a plan has been drawn up. We will discuss everything with you at this point – This will cover quotes, time scales and anything associated with the installation. Your bathroom suite will be moulded to the style and budget that suits you best.

Do you carry out all of the building work or do you subcontract?

As a company, we strive to ensure the best. Total Heat and Bathrooms specialise in customer satisfaction, by using a tightly formed team, with everyone being a multi-trade fitter, meaning its normally one person who completes the whole bathroom refurb. Between the design process and our in-house fitters, we make sure that all of the work undertaken is to the highest standard and of the finest quality.

How long will it take to install my bathroom?

Like budgets, all bathrooms can differ, depending on the size and nature of works. We discuss the whole design process before any work commences.

We normally give an installation window of between 7-10 days for our team to complete a project. If you only have one WC in the house, we by common law must keep it connected to drainage, so your never not without once we’ve finished for the day!

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