The key to being an expert bathroom fitter

At Total Heat Bathrooms, we know what is required to become an expert bathroom fitter.

It takes skill, knowledge and putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.

In this latest Total Heat and Bathrooms blog, we’re going to look at the key traits that make a bathroom fitter.

By detailing these traits, you’ll hopefully see why Total Heat and Bathrooms should always be your expert bathroom fitter of choice across the North West!

Catering to all; excluding no one

At Total Heat and Bathrooms, we have worked within the bathroom industry for over 25 years and branched out over 15 years ago to offer our own bespoke service.

Several years ago, we found a niche in the market and have worked tirelessly to perfect our bespoke and tailor specific expert Bathroom fitter packages. This means we can cater for everyone’s needs.

From budget-let renovations of £5995 to high-end Platinum range product refurbishments, we are here to offer you the bathroom fitting service you desire.

All this regardless of whether you are looking for a trade, luxury or platinum package. With Total Heat and Bathrooms, you’ll find no disparity between our different levels of service; our expert service consistency remains the same for all our customers throughout!

Making affordability a priority; without compromising on quality

We’ve spent the last 15 years building you the one-stop expert Bathroom fitter service, offering you a complete package without the hassle of busy showrooms and pushy salesmen.

You simply tell us what you want, and we get you a total Supply and Fit price breakdown within 24 hours, and that’s a guarantee!

All our quality products are available to view at a number of our suppliers’ showrooms throughout the North West.

We handpick our suppliers to ensure product quality as we want to offer the highest calibre bathroom products on the market today.

If we feel a product doesn’t meet our exacting standards, we won’t use it in our expert bathroom fitter services.


If you think Total Heat and Bathrooms are the expert bathroom fitter of choice for you, please call 0800 009 6409 or head online for a quote here.